Octoline 2

What is octoline 2?

Octoline 2 is the newest and most multifunctional dermato-cosmetic ultrasound device for skin and eye care (skin rejuvenation). Offering an ultrasound spatula (massage, lifting and facial cleansing), iontophoresis (increased absorption of active substances in the skin), ionto-roller and ionto-lifting, hyperbaric oxygen infusion spray (antioxidant) and jet peel (non-invasive peeling with oxygen).


Jet Peel

Jet peel is an advanced technology which guarantees the infusion of hyperbaric oxygen and water at supersonic speeds, which penetrate  the deep layers of the dermis, regenerating and revitalizing the natural elasticity of the tegument. The rapid  improvement is noticeable even after a single treatment.


Spray is a hyperbaric oxygen infusion treatment with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits, that offers two alternatives:

  • “Pure Oxygen Spray” mode: hyperbaric oxygen treatment with a calming effect, for a smooth and delicate skin.
  • “Oxygen Spray + Substances” mode: hyperbaric oxygen treatment in combination with active solutions, like: hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins or cosmetic tonifiers for the facial skin, hair and scalp.


Applies an electric field on the skin with the help of two electrolytes, in order to introduce positive ions in the skin under the positive electrode and negative ions under the negative electrode. This procedure is called iontophoresis and it falls in the category of galvanic stimulation.

  • (+) ION and (-)ION Program

Reduces the size of pores, sebum quantity, prevents the formation of acne, brightens pigmentation spots and speckles, improves the aspect of superficial wrinkles, skin elasticity and hydration.

  • Vitamin Program

Brightens the aspect of the skin;


Utilizing the (+) ION and (-)ION currents, offers elasticity to the skin by stimulating the muscles and skin tissue. It also stimulates hair roots and improves the hair’s elasticity.

Ultrasound spatula

The ultrasound spatula (SONO) is a multifunctional ultrasound device which includes a delicate peeling (ultrasonic peeling), ultrasound massage and implementation of active substances in the skin.

Ultrasound massage

The ultrasound massage (ULTRASON) is the newest progressive and non-invasive skin surface regeneration method. This therapy activates the skin cells, revitalizes skin fibers and toughens the contraction on the spot, which efficiently prevents the aging process.


Technical Specifications

Voltage 110V~220V // 50/60Hz
Consumption 630W
Ultrasound frequency 3Mhz(Ultrason) // 24KHz(Sono)
Pressure 5kg/cm2(Spray) // 10kg/cm2(Jet)
Dimensions 100 x 450 x 410 mm
Weight 40 kg
Manufacturer Eunsung Global Corp.