We are a team of 18+ employees, acting as one cohesive family and united by a set of beliefs. At Altramid , we are all innovation agents. We are restless people, who challenge the common sense, take responsibilities and gather the richness of team work to overcome barriers, transform, innovate and build the future. Why do all these things make us a motivated team? The answer is summarized in our brand’s signature and in our aspiration – To be the most admired medical distributors in the region.

We are medical experts

Aiming to help people to achieve their goals. There are many ways to define who we are, depending on the perspective of who is looking.

For suppliers and manufacturers,

We are long-lasting partners who make every effort to help them seize growth opportunities in the region. Our commitment to excellence is second to none.

We are indeed everything described above

But we are mainly a dynamic organization, engaged with exploring new frontiers in order to improve more and more the thing that inspires us: helping people get satisfaction and fulfilling their goals.

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