3-MAX™ – – integrated system for the treatment of cellulite and body remodeling

Body remodeling system for the advanced treatment of cellulite – bipolar and multipolar radiofrequency, endermologic vacuum and integrated focused ultrasound cavitation

3-MAX™ combines the ultrasound cavitation with the multi- and bipolar massage and with the vacuum to obtain the optimal (targeted) results.
– The focused cavitation applicator emits continuous waves of focused ultrasound at a frequency that affects the adipose cells in a thermic and mechanic way. – after the cavitation treatment, the bipolar and multipolar radiofrequency combined with the vacuum delivers thermic energy and assures the lymphatic drainage of the adipose layer – the combination of the 3-MAX™ treatments is the best solution for the problems associated with obesity.


Radiofrequency, cavitation and vacuum 3-MAX™

  • elimination of cellulite and reduction of the adipose layer
  • acceleration of the metabolism
  • regeneration of the collagen layer
  • reduction of the circumference
  • body remodeling
  • a firmer skin and wrinkle removal


Radiofrequency, cavitation and vacuum 3-MAX™

  • safe and stable low frequency 36KHz focused ultrasound (medical CE certification)
  • integrated radiofrequency (RF) function with a vacuum
  • newest generation bipolar and multipolar RF technology
  • 4 types of pulses in cavitation and vacuum mode
  • the vacuum and be disconnected from the RF
  • simple and easy to operate
  • digital commands on a 7 inch LCD touch screen
  • optional operation possibility with a footswitch
  • compact design to fit in small places

The combined treatments of 3-MAX™ are the best solution for the problems associated with obesity

Multipolar radiofrequency (RF) with vacuum

The advanced multipolar radiofrequency system delivers thermic energy and electromagnetic waves deep in the dermal layers to stimulate the physiological processes. Radiofrequency offers results in the treatment of cellulite, body remodeling and collagen regeneration.

Focused ultrasound cavitation (CE Medical)

The continuous stimulation created by the cavitational pressure breaks the cellular membranes and causes an implosion which makes the fatty acids(triglicerides) self-destruct and transform from a solid to a liquid substance (diglycerides), making them more absorbable for the body’s natural waste disposal system, the lymphatic system and the urinary system.

Bipolar radiofrequency (RF) with vacuum

The bipolar radiofrequency can affect the dermal layers to a depth of 5-10mm, assisting the metabolism in the burning of adipose layers.
The combined effects of the radiofrequency with the vacuum’s massage is a solution without any side effects, that improves the aspect of cellulite and the skin’s general condition. A series of treatments for maintenance have long lasting results.