Crylolipolysis CoolShaping

Targeted fat reduction, body remodeling, and weight loss through the integrated cryolipolysis technology, vacuum and LED light

The Cryolipolysis is a new type of non invasive technology, that combines the performance of cryogenics – the localization and reduction of fat – with the vacuum and intense LED light. The COOLSHAPING cryolipolysis and vacuum device efficiently reduces the localized adipose layer, through the integrated CRYO SCULPTOR system – cryogenics, vacuum and LED.


  • The fat freezing procedure doesn’t require incisions, anesthetics (liposuction), or injections (corporal mesotherapy).  Hospitalization is not necessary  and the treatment implies no type of discomfort for the patients, so during the procedure reading, listening to music or relaxing is possible. The treatment doesn’t require a recovery time. The patient / client can resume his or her daily activities, including exercise, immediately after the end of the treatment.
  • A single treatment is able to destroy 20 – 40% of the adipose cells from the treatment area. These results will be visible after 3 weeks have passed from the first treatment.

How does Cryolipolysis and the CoolShaping Vacuum work

  • The cryolipolysis gradually cools the temperature of the subcutaneous fat layer (the layer that is directly under the skin) in a controlled way. The fat tissues are sucked in the applicator due to a vacuum like effect which temporarily slows down the blood flow and helps at the targeted area’s cooling.
  • The area’s temperature drops to approximately -7°C / -10°C .
  • The low temperature eliminates the adipose cells without affecting the skin or the muscles. The final phase of the treatment is the natural process of fat elimination through the lymphatic system.

Technical specifications

Cooling temperature -10°C ~ 5°C
Vacuum pressure 260mmHG
Large Cryolipolysis applicator 118X220X142mm
Small Cryolipolysis applicator 108X188X138mm
Display 5,7 inch touchscreen
Weight 60KG
Dimensions 379 X 438 X 1066mm
Manufacturer Eunsung Global Corp.