Hydrabeauty – The efficient combination of 3 technologies for the perfect skin care

Skin care system that combines 3 technologies – micro-dermabrasion with diamonds, hydro-dermabrasion and mesotherapy – for the exfoliation, infusion and penetration of active ingredients in the tegument, resulting in a clean skin, radiating with beauty.


  • Multipolar mesotherapy technology (does not require an extra pole to close the circuit)
  • Ergonomic multifunctionality
  • Technologies with synergic effects
  • Multifunctional system for body and facial treatments
  • Convenient auto-cleaning system
  • Personalizable treatments (vacuum – 5 levels, infusion -3 levels, electroporation – 10 levels)

Hydrabeauty treatment

  • Profound cleansing (micro-dermabrasion with diamonds)
  • Exfoliation treatments (micro-dermabrasion with diamonds)
  • Removal of dermal parasites (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Minimization of pores (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Improvement of skin texture (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Tonifying and hydration (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Delivery of active substances (dermoporation / virtual mesotherapy)
  • Transdermal penetration (dermoporation / virtual mesotherapy)
  • The treatment of superficial wrinkles (dermoporation / virtual mesotherapy)