1. Application
– Skin Tightening – Skin Resurfacing – Wrinkle
– Acne scar – Large Pore – Stretch Mark/
– Warts/Mole – Freckles – LVR(Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation)
  1. Technology

– Fractional Laser uses very fine laser beam to minimize skin damage by heat and to shorten the recovery and rejuvenation period. Therefore, the patients can resume normal daily activities soon after treatment.

– Fractional laser uses a CO2 tube to improve the effects of treatment. This CO2 tube has a long life time, stability and advantage of precise treatment.

– Treatment time can be shortened by adjusting spot size and the beam density, which is beneficial for both of the operator and the patient.

  1. Performance
Laser source
laser type CO2 Laser
Wavelength 10,600nm
Laser Power 1-40W
Power Input and Frequency 220-240V~, 50/60 Hz
Cooling System Water Cooling
Dimensions 430(W) x 480(D) x 1240(H)mm
Weight 47kgs
Display 10.2″ Touch Screen Color LCD
Function – Fractional CO2
Hand Piece Type 50mm, 100mm Hand Piece
E.N.T & Dental Hand Piece(Optional)
Scan Size 2×2-20x20mm
Shape Square, Hexagon, Triangular, Circular
Pattern Array, Grid, Random
Depth 1-5 Level
Repeat Time 0.5-2.5 sec, Single
Density 1-23 Level
Function – General CO2
Hand Piece Type Fractional Hand Piece
LVR Hand Piece(Optional)
P.Duration CW : 2-30ms
Normal Pulse : 5-20ms
Super Pulse : 1.0-4.0ms
Ultra Pulse : 90-900us
Repeat Time off, 2-500ms
Operation Mode CW, S.Continuous, Normal Pulse, Super Pulse, Ultra Pulse