Insomnis baby



Insomnis baby drops is a mild preparation that helps babies and children fall asleep. It is recommended in states of nervous excitement, excessive irritation and anxiety.


Helps the child safely to relax

Helps in relieving of hyperactivity symptoms, restlessness and sleeplessness


Each 17 drops (0,5 ml) contains:

Passiflora incarnata 30 mg

Melissa officinalis 12,5 mg

Valerianae rhizomata 8,5 mg

Magnesium lactate 5,94 mg

Vitamin B6 0,07 mg


Suggested Use:


0 – 6 months: 3-5 drops twice a day

6 – 12 months: 10 drops twice a day

1 – 3 years: 20 drops twice or three times a day

3 – 7 years: 30 drops twice or three times a day

Add the recommended dose of INSOMNIS baby drops and dilute in 8-10 spoons of water or fruit juice