Enlast Ingredients

In terms of ingredients, Enlast’s primary benefit is its properties as a sexual lubricant; the manufacturer claims that Enlast is not sticky or greasy. Ingredients – most notably L-Arginine – are included in this product’s formula. L-Arginine has long been included in P.E. products, as well as male enhancement products for it’s circulatory properties to create longer, harder erections.

Enlast Benefits

Enlast provides some benefits in terms of sexual lubrication, as well as a product that wards of premature ejaculation. Enlast is also beneficial as it can be used easily with condoms, and isn’t sticky or messy. Indeed, the likelihood of the active ingredients of Enlast actually benefiting a man’s sexual performance is very good, as this product is applied directly to the penis.

Does Enlast Work?

Short answer: Yes. Truth: Not for all men. Men who do their research will know that Enlast definitely has ingredients like L-Arginine that can help them perform better in the bedroom, and will also help them last longer in bed – but beyond providing a source of lubrication, the benefits of Enlast are moderate, as the truth remains there are better products available for premature ejaculation.

The manufacturers of Enlast also promise this product isn’t sticky or messy, but as a lubricant a bit of mess is to be expected. A premature ejaculation cream is much better, as less is more in terms of how much you need, and isn’t as sticky. There are several premature ejaculation products available that are cheaper and more affordable – check out the product chart to see which product men with premature ejaculation chose as #1 for effectiveness and value.