Complete Combination of vitamins with Omega-3 before, during and after

pregnancy. Capsule Small Size – Vegetarian – Easy To Swallow – Rich In


Components of MAMA–FETUS useful for both the pregnant women and her


The rich components with vitamins and minerals that found in MAMA–FETUS ,

provides healthy and safe pregnancy for the mother as well as healthy and

complete growth for the fetus, it can be used also in breast feeding time to

provide the mother with the nutritional elements that she needs during this

period .

The pregnancy period considered one of the most stages that requires special

dietary care, using MAMA–FETUS during this period is the best choice

as it contains all the dietary elements from food .

MAMA–FETUS contains useful vitamins and Mineral salts in addition

to fish oil, to provide the mother and her baby with what they need from

nutritional elements .

Omega-3 ( DHA& EPA)

The fetus in his first stages needs to get the oily acids directly as the fetus has

limited ability to convert acids to DHA & DPA .

Some advantages :

  • Very Important For The Mental And Physical Child Growth .
  • Improve The Memory, Increase The Concentration And Fights Aging .
  • Increase Muscular Activity .
  • Helps The Pregnant To Avoid Abortion, Premature Birth And Low Fetal


  • Decrease Symptoms Of Asthma Especially In Children .

Folic Acid 1 mg

Folic acid is one of water soluble vitamin B group which is important for red

blood cells formation .

On the other side, it is also important after this period to preserve the healthy

growth of brain and neural tube as well as cell division from one cell to baby

Balanced combination from 20 vitamins and minerals

MAMA–FETUS contains a balanced combination from 20 vitamins and

minerals in addition to Omega 3 to ensure health growth for the fetus.

The basic elements like vitamin B12, Folic acid and Zinc are important for

neural tube development and cells dirision in early stages of pregnancy.

  • Iron and Vitamin B group are important for formation of red blood cells and

avoiding of anemia in the advanced stages of pregnancy.

  • Calcium which reduce the danger of hypertension and maintaining healthy

bones during pregnancy.

Using method:

One capsule. you can start using MAMA–FETUS at any time during

pregnancy, it is advised to take MAMA–FETUS during whole pregnancy

period till the end of breast feeding period .

MAMA–FETUS capsules safe through all pregnancy stages?

MAMA–FETUS was developed to suit all pregnancy stages – before

pregnancy, during pregnancy and breast feeding as perfect nutrition is very

important During pregnancy the body requires more vitamins as providing

the body with nutritional elements helps the breastfeeding mother to

compensate the nutritional elements the she loose due to breast feeding.