Regenyal Idea Lips

Regenyal idea lips is a product created exclusively for interventions on lips.

Package Contents

1 ml single dose: 1 X 1ml

information leaflet

sealed blister pack containing: a pre-filled sterile single use syringe

adhesive labels: to stick to the patient’s medical records for product identification.

two sterile needles: 27 G Sterimedix CE 0120 – 30 G Sterimedix CE 0120



REGENYAL IDEA LIPS is a Biorivolumetria product, that naturally adapts to the lips optimizing them.

Regenyal idea Lips was created specifically to perform treatments on the lips and is characterized by:

tick Lower viscosity (it can be injected with 30G needles)

tick Efficient control of the post-treatment development

tick Absence of any eventual edema reactions: phenomena that, while temporary and of short duration, can be visible in an area so delicate and focal for facial morphology


Regenyal Idea Lips is manufactured through a long-lasting cross-linking process at low temperature (gentle cross-linking).
Slow mixing allows for the cross-linking agent (BDDE) to widespread better and more uniformly. The amount of BDDE used is 30 per cent lower than in the majority of other products, available on the market, having the same degree of viscosity.
The formulation includes two molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid: 1M Dalton and 500K Dalton, thanks to which it is possible to calibrate better the product’s viscosity properties.

The innovative manufacturing method is covered by an International Patent.


The Hyaluronic Acid used for the manufacturing guarantees for a maximum quality standard in terms of raw material purity; in particular, the complete absence of nucleic acids and proteins stands for SUPERIOR QUALITY and ABSOLUTE SAFETY.
The degree of sophistication obtained in our laboratories enables us to obtain a highly efficient and reliable Biorivolumetria product.

REGENYAL IDEA LIPS is a particularly plastic mono-phase gel that can optimize the lips and adapt to them in a natural manner.