Hair Max



Product consists of natural ingredients

in form of capsules contain vitamins,

minerals and herbal extracts that help

in improvement of blood circulation,

strengthen the hair and prevent its

falling down.


there are no contraindication for using

hair max, it is small in size and easy

to swallow.

Side effects:

there is no side effect found from using

the product, and no registered negative

impression when the product is used.

Direction of use:

Adults: 2 capsules after meal daily

Children above 6 Y.O: 1 capsule daily

after meal.

Please note that:

this product must be stored at 1525- C

and away from humidity, and don’t use

it after the expiry date.

What does hair max composed of ?

each 1 capsule contains:

Golden millet extract mg 300

Wheat germ oil mg 450

Calcium pantothenate mg 30

Biotin mg 1

Iron mg 5

Cod liver oil mg 15

Zinc mg 10

Cysteine mg 5

Vitamin d 3 mcg 10

Horsetail extract mg 70

golden millet:

Rich with protein which is highly

recommended for those who are

suffering from hair fall. healthy hair

requires enough amount of protein and

that protein found into the hair follicle

known as keratin which is responsible

for formation each hair follicle.

Any deficiency in that protein leads to

extreme hair loss and so that enough

ammount of golden millet extract makes

hair stronger and prevents its falling

down and enhance hair growth.

Horse tail extract: a famous herb that’s

gives a strong effect on enhancing hair

growth, increasing its volume thanks

to its composition of sulfate salt which

treat hair follicle and improves its ability

to improve hair growth in fast and

healthy way.

Calcium pantothenat ( vit b 5 ) is

important for metabolic processes that

leads to cell replication inside the hair

and renew its cells.

All active ingredients found in hair max

with high concentrations that have

highly effect in helping hair roots to

perform their action through improving

metabolic reactions and enhancing

formation of new cells inside hair, this

leads the hair to fast growth and inhibit

hair loss which is not found in other

food supplements.

hair max found in all pharmacies and

doesn’t need doctors prescription.